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shinergold pomade background
shinergold pomade background
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Shiner Gold Pomade

The Greek mathematician Archimedes (287-212 BC) had to solve the problem of King Hieron’s golden crown and when discovered a method to determine if the crown really was gold he yelled, “Eureka!”(I found it).

When I heard about how Shiner Gold Pomade was founded, the story of Archimedes came to mind because it took 3 years and 5 laboratories to produce a water based pomade that met Shiner Gold’s standard.

Opening the can you will find something that should not surprise you because it is clear gold color pomade. The scent is coconut with maybe some almond that is subtle and not too strong. The texture feels very heavy and does not have a gel-like feel, liquid and soft. According to Shiner Gold Pomade the product can be applied in dry or damp hair.