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TIZO SheerFoam Suncreen Non-Tinted SPF30, 3.5 oz

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The mineral-based formula in TIZO SheerFoam SunScreen Non-Tinted SPF 30 is suitable for daily wear. Apply sunscreen under makeup or use alone for lightweight photo protection while spending time outside or in the water. A Sun Protection Factor of 30 is sufficient to shield delicate skin on the face and neck from sun damage when worn as directed.Apply this non-tinted sunscreen at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Be sure to reapply after 40 minutes of sweating or exposure to water and immediately after towel drying. Reapply after every two hours if your skin remains dry and you plan on staying outside. To use, shake well and push up the nozzle to release the safety tab. Apply a generous amount of product to exposed skin.This sunblock contains three percent Titanium Dioxide and 10 percent Zinc Oxide. Taken together, these ingredients work to block damaging ultraviolet rays. Use this product daily to prevent sunburn and signs of premature aging. Non-tinted and mineral based for daily wear Suitable for face and neck SPF 30 offers broad spectrum protection from the sun’s rays Apply 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, reapply every 2 hours


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