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Z one Milk Shake Smoothing Cream 175 ml / 5.9 oz


What is this product? Smoothing Cream with a special silicon creates a transparent film by smoothing, protecting and conditioning the hair, without making it look dull. Special conditioning and emollient agents condition the hair and make brushing easier during the styling and a fixative filmogen agent enables the creation of long-lasting sleek hair, protecting it from the thermic action thanks to a filming effect, and conveying humidity resistance. More info: Milk proteins have a strong integrative and conditioning action on the hair structure inside the cortex, but extract of Lychee, rich in vitamin C, minerals and natural antioxidants carries out a strongly protective action from solar rays and atmospheric agents, avoiding color fading and weakening of the capillary structure, and carrying out a revitalizing and anti-age action. Solar filters increase protection from solar rays.


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